Embroidered Shisha Mirrors, a Modern Approach

Embroidered shisha paintings is a technique of operating which attaches small portions of mirror glass or reflective steel onto cloth. The phrase shisha comes from historical Persian for glass and the technique firstly started at the Moghul court docket and is now most associated with regions of India, where the popularity of this kind of embroidery came about at the time of the improvement of glass making there. As somewhere else inside the international, glass turned into at first an luxurious commodity related to wealth. Decoration with glass replicate fragments became now not best used on textiles but additionally on homes, embedded in plaster, to shape intricate patterns and luxurious designs shisha kohle.

When used on textiles for garb or for religious or ornamental hangings, shisha mirrors are traditionally utilized in repeating styles. The inclusion of this kind of embroidery adds sparkle and intensity to cloth textures and while used traditionally are regarded as auspicious in that they may supply protection against the evil eye.

No glue is concerned in the application of the shisha mirrors; a community or grid of retaining stitches is the inspiration on which the shisha stitches (a type of herringbone sew) are worked. All of the paintings is done by hand. A type of stitches can then be used to increase the layout around the mirror and beads and sequins may be incorporated.

Shisha mirror decoration gives incredible potential at hand-embroiderers to improvise with sample. They combine properly with the richness of color and texture of silk fabric and also can be used to decorate patterned fabrics. They may be used in a repeating design as they had been at the start or may be used on my own to add accessory to ornament. They lend themselves fantastically to ornament on accessories including luggage, purses or even fabric jewelry, consisting of brooches, hair add-ons or cuffs. Accessories with hand-embroidered shisha mirrors are unique and individual because they’re hand stitched and one-of-a-type gadgets. Anyone the use of or sporting those particular items may be able to replicate their own private style with an object that has had time, talent and aptitude taken in its layout and making.

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