Exciting Features of AOL Mail

America Online or now more popularly known as AOL provides a global platform for services, products and also for digital distribution of content. AOL has been in the market for over 33 years and was earlier branded as an organization for allocating dial up services. But with the intensive passage of time, dial up services declined as so did AOL services. In order to remain in the market, various steps were taken by this business giant, which eventually can be rated as a positive sign for them. Aol mail login

In recent activities, Verizon communications got the acquisition of AOL as a whole in deal valued at $4.4 billion.

AOL mail is another such attempt of AOL to provide web based email services to its customers. This service adds its name in an already existing list of email service providers, who have been in neck to neck competition with each other for past so many decades. Recently, AOL mail launched another significant attribute for better establishment. AIM or AOL Instant Messenger was launched in 2012 which provided a refreshing glance to AOL email login services.


AOL mail gave some diverse attributes to its services in order to separate itself from the on-going rat race among email service providers. Some basic as well as new features incorporated in AOL mail are:

  • Unlimited Email storage capacity
  • 25 MB Email attachment limit
  • 90 days window for account expiry in case of inactivity
  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols were supported by AOL mail
  • Other Email account by other service providers (like Gmail) can be linked with AOL when signed in to AOL
  • Ads will be displayed while working with the account. Also, embedded links can be activated or deactivated by the user
  • Enhanced protection from spam
  • Improved virus protection
  • Well versed spelling checker
  • AIM panel to show detailed description of all the online friends and also links to various sponsored websites
  • Capability of email un-send (for mails sent to different AOL or AIM mail services)
  • SSL/HTTPS support after login

With some new and exciting features, AOL mail gave a refreshed look to the email users which proved as a factor of attraction towards AOL services. Such enhancements also proved as an alarm bell to other service providers, because if some up gradation was not considered by them, then their customers would switch between email service providers.