Samsung 713N LCD Repair with SE7889-Lf ic Problem

This Samsung 713N LCD screen came in with no display symptom and no power. In different words, after you switched ‘on’ you may see the power LED lights up (no show) after which for couples of seconds the electricity led light is going off. When I eliminated the sign cable and switched ‘on’, now I ought to see the test sign cable OSD seemed on the display. This proved that the inverter board, lamp and strength supply is operating. Again, I plugged within the signal cable, the display and energy LED light went off.

After unfolded the cover, I check the on/off sign from the mainboard to the inverter board. With signal cable in, there has been no on/off signal to the inverter board however while the signal cable became disconnected, you can see certainly out of your meter there may be a on/off sign going into the inverter board consequently the display seemed with the check sign OSD present at the display. From this check, it’s miles very apparent is the primary board trouble Fix Samsung in Sweden.

To confirm whether or not is the principle board hassle, you have to use a comparable Samsung 713N version to confirm it. True sufficient, after substitution with a acknowledged appropriate board, the screen is k. So now we can verify is the mainboard defective. The real trouble now is at wherein we can locate this board or the suspected part range SE7889-LF ic for replacement? Checking the additives surrounding the SE7889 ic yield no result.

As referred to in preceding articles, to troubleshoot LCD reveal is simple however to get the element is a touch bit hard. Samsung don’t sell you the mainboard, in case you ship to them for repair, they’ll charge a totally excessive charge which isn’t always well worth to restore.

As I’m writing this article, I nonetheless couldn’t locate the suspected ic, however if I found it I will will let you all know. Samsung 510bn lcd screen additionally have this form of hassle that’s the mainboard spoilt.

Although in this article I couldn’t pinpoint to you the exact defective factor, at least you would use my system to verify which board is giving hassle. In different words, whether or not you are troubleshooting the Samsung 713N LCD display or different emblem, the trying out method is the equal.